“This is my contribution to build solutions for musicians, artists and authors of any field, with Smartists, the app for self-managed artists on the web3. Because we need to find new ways to cultivate our inner garden." Mirlo

How are they designed?

Georgina Mauriño draw the first Mirlo ('blackbird' in Spanish) and it became the logo de Mirlo Music en 1998. In 2021 it was vectorized to become the logo for Mirlo Studio. Mirlo Studio is now licensing its logo to be used in this series of unique images to be minted as NFTs collectibles with the following features:
  • 14 Background colors from Conqueror paper
  • with 4 different mottos
  • Painter easel
  • Computer and books
  • Music stand with score
  • Sometimes Mirlo wears a beret like Pio Baroja
  • Some other times Mirlo takes his headphones
All our Mirlos include a badge in support of Smartists  
Smartists - decorative

Bonus for Mirlos' owners

Releasing our collection in January 2022,


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