Teresa Berganza

Thank you, Teresa,
For all those great moments of music filled with emotion, for your sympathy, your generosity and for being so approachable... I will never forget your words, which are an actual treasure for me, and your support to my work to bring opera to children with my tales. Today we go back to
our interview in 2005 and we leave it here as a testimonial of the Art and Humanity of Teresa Berganza.
Georgina... & Mirlo

For more than 20 years Mirlo has been inviting children of all ages to discover the best music of all times through stories and games. Today, Mirlo has started the sale of a first collection of NFTs, and he looks to the future from MIrlo Studio with new projects on the web3.
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"Because we need to find new ways to cultivate our inner garden."
Mirlo, 2022


How are they designed?

Georgina Mauriño draw the first Mirlo (meaning 'blackbird' in Spanish) and it has been the logo de Mirlo Music since 1998. In 2021 it was vertorized,  and this brand-image is the one used in this series of unique images to be minted as NFTs collectibles with the following features:
  • 14 Background colors from Conqueror paper
  • with 4 different mottos
  • Painter easel
  • Computer and books
  • Music stand with score
  • Sometimes Mirlo wears a beret like Pio Baroja
  • Some other times Mirlo takes his headphones
Every element has a meaning for you to get introduced and know more about Mirlo
In 2022 our first Mirlos will include a badge in support of Smartists
Smartists - decorative
About Mirlo

When Mirlo met Georgina Mauriño in 1997 it was a life-changing moment for them. Since that moment they partnered, publishing all kind of educational contents in different formats along the years. Have an overview of our 'Vintage Collections' (1997-2017).
Today our catalogue is just a resource for the creation of new contents in Mirlo Studio, under the direction of pianist Manuel Gimferrer. A new generation is embracing the Internet of Value and joining the web3 by supporting Smartists, the app for self-managed artists on the web3.
Mirlo, Manuel and Georgina believe that art experiences help us reconnect with our human selves and values. In our studio the Mirlo Music team of professional artists are creating contents in the real world, providing actual art experiences which they want to bring to the web. This is why our NFTs are the passport for perks like concerts.

"Because we need to find new ways to cultivate our inner garden"

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