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Mirlo Music Editions are mostly in Spanish · Contact us if you are interested in translating any of our titles

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El Príncipe feliz - Libro+CD


Digital Trading Cards created from the original illustrations for our books.


In 2022 we started exploring the world of Digital Collectibles. Despite being a technology still in its first stages, we find it really interesting. It has a great potential for educational purposes as well as to support directly the work of artists. This is a new experience we are just exploring. .

How I met Mirlo
For more than 25 years Mirlo has been inviting children and adults to discover the best music of all times with stories and games. The story of Mirlo started with Books and CDs... See our catalogue, including ever lasting stories that keep inspiring us. In our studio we create and produce eBooks and AudioBooks and also Digital Collectibles; and we take special care for visual and musical illustrations. We also have a catalogue of everlasting stories to get inspired.
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