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"Because we need to find new ways to cultivate our inner garden"
Mirlo, 2022

Every collectible is a unique image, made from the combination of different elements that introduce Mirlo and his world.

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About Mirlo

In 1997 Mirlo met Georgina García-Mauriño and that encounter was life-changing. Georgina wanted to enlighten the lives of those around her with the best music of all times, andMirlo made it possible. Thank to Mirlo her work could reach readers of all ages in the world and online, and this for more than 20 years! These titles were published in different formats and you can see them in our catalogue.

Today Mirlo looks forward and has transferred the catalogue to his grandson Mirlo who takes care of it from Mirlo Studio, a project under the direction of pianist Manuel Gimferrer. This new generation of Mirlos has joined the construction of the new Internet of Value. So Mirlo is an ambassador for Smartists, the app for self-managed artists on the web3.

"Cultivate your inner garden"

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